Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breathe In

A deep breath is in order. A long, collective, sigh of relief. The fashion show I produced is over. Not only is it over, but it may have even been a success (media coverage pending). Of course, I have no idea how it went, as I was backstage, rushing around to make sure that models not only walked on stage on time, but had actual clothing on while doing so. I'm proud to say that no models went naked, and we may have even stuck to the correct schedule of outfits. Maybe. It was a learning experience, and I'm hesitant to say I'd take on the same amount of responsibility next year, but I'm unbelievably amazed and proud and most of all relieved. I'm waiting for the official photos to come in from 215 Magazine, but you can see some sneak peeks at the link. At the end of this, the final piece of advice I can offer to those wanting to produce their own fashion show (and according to Google Analytics, that's a huge source of my web-query hits): It doesn't hurt to have a bottle of tequila backstage.

October was certainly a flurry of activity. There was all the planning for the Philadelphia Bike Expo and fashion show, finishing up the fiscal year at my job, and classes being in full swing. Somehow, in the midst of all that excitement, Philadelphia completely skipped a season and went directly from summer to winter. Where's the inbetween? Where's the sweater weather? Where's the nights of sleeping with the window open, without sweating or freezing? All I know is, it got cold and it got cold quick. Jeans were a no-brainer this morning when I ran to the local farmers market with Ray. So were layers, which gave me a chance to show off my latest purchases from Forever 21.

This is one of the most comfortable tops I own. I was a bit hesitant when I first saw it, because it's one of those ambiguous shirt-dresses, with a ruching on the sides. But belted with jeans, or tucked under a lace skirt, it's sheer, chic, and effortless. The lace cropped cardigan was more of an afterthought than a conscious purchase, but it's super comfortable and works really well with my new hair color I think. Unfortunately for both the shirt and the cardigan, our handicapped cat Elsa (who suffers from cerebral hypoplasia) fell over in the litter box, then (unbeknownst to me) crawled on my lap, smearing litter and cat shit everywhere. I'm as grossed out as you are. Except more so, because it actually happened to me. Luckily, my favorite part of this outfit, the shoes, were not harmed. Thank god, because I am so absolutely smitten with these babies.

Shirt- Heritage 1981
Cardigan- Heritage 1981
Jacket- H&M
Jeans- Forever 21
Belt & Buckle- vintage (Sweet Jane- Philadelphia, PA)
Shoes- Forever 21
Earings- alloneword
Sunglasses- street vendor
Gloves- flea market
Tote Bag- courtesy of SXSW

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