Friday, December 3, 2010

Sometimes Our Dreams Float Like Anchors

Today's look is my best attempt at a "casual Friday" outfit. When considering the office I work at, this is incredibly ironic as my outfit is guaranteed to be dressier than our usual status quo during the week. Still, I've owned this blazer for about six months now, unable to create a look that didn't scream real estate agent. I started day dreaming about this outfit in class yesterday, and thankfully this was one idea that translated quite nicely from my concept to reality.

Speaking of class, I can't believe the semester is almost done! It seems like so recently I was starting classes, not knowing what to expect and praying I wouldn't be the oldest one in my courses (I'm not, by the way). And now I'm three weeks away from finals. It's been an interesting transition, getting back into the college life. I'm definitely appreciating it more my second time around. After high school, I enrolled at a very small, women's art school. It was absolutely the wrong environment for me; everyone was catty and competitive. 90% of my courses were studio-related, which perpetuated the competitiveness, and the majority of my academic classes were not challenging enough. I only really enjoyed my art history classes, but ultimately I decided that if I wasn't interested in a teaching career, it was a pretty useless major.

This time around, I picked a much more appropriate community college. While I was worried about a lack of academic challenge, it's been just the right pace to ease me back into a learning environment. Nobody's got delusions about where they are so there's no snobby attitude. The majority of my classmates are also working, so the class schedules have a lot of flexibility. Not to mention, my teachers are incredible. I'm in a very small program, so I can expect to have the same professors throughout my studies. I've already registered for spring courses and I can't wait!

Shirt: Heritage 1981
Jacket: Express Design Studio
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Anne Michelle
Sunglasses: street vendor 

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