Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feast or Famine

Ok, so here's that long awaited post that I probably should have gotten to weeks ago. Not that I'm making excuses, but to give you an example of what my life has been like lately, here's my schedule for the current week:

  • Monday
    Work- 8:30-2:00pm
    Class- 2:30-4:00pm
    Model fitting- 7:30-8:30pm
  • Tuesday
    Sick! No work, but still had to go to class
    Class- 2:00-3:30pm
    Generally being a lump after I got home from school. Total waste of a day
  • Wednesday
    Work- 9:00-2:00pm
    School- 2:30-4:00pm
    Fashion Show meeting- 5:00-6:30pm
    Philly Fashion Week- 6:30-10:00pm
  • Thursday
    Work- 9:00-1:30pm
    School- 2:00-3:30pm
    Fashion Show meeting- 5:00-6:00pm
    Philly Fashion Week- 6:30-10:00pm
  • Friday
    Work- 9:00-2:00pm
And somewhere in between all that, I've got to find time to do school work, create the program for the fashion show, take photos for the blog, do more fittings,  and host a friend whose visiting from Buffalo for the weekend!

Oh yeah, I guess somewhere in that time, I must have bleached and cut my hair. Funny how Saturday night seems like ages ago. I'd been itching to do something fun with my hair, but at 23 with a "real job", I'm no longer able to purchase bottles of Manic Panic or Special Effects while still taking myself seriously. I think this is a nice compromise though. I originally planned to do a light orange-y red, inspired by that adorable model  with the pixie cut that Mod Cloth has been featuring lately (come on, you know who I'm talking about!). I bought the bleach, bought the dye, and crossed my fingers that everything would turn out right. After the bleach, however, I decided to leave it as is. I know it's a salon's worst nightmare, but it's so perfectly imperfect that I really love it. I then updated my boring blunt cut with the only hair cut I know how to give myself (really chunky layers ala Joan Jett). I love how something as simple as brightening up my hair completely changed my appearance. It's like a permanent accessory that brightens up any outfit and gets attention without having to obnoxiously beg for it.

So this is the outfit I wore to Philadelphia Fashion Week last night for the premiere night. Nothing too fancy, mainly due to the restrictions of this freezing weather Philly's been experiencing lately. I've finally had to bust out my leather jacket and gone are the days of shorts and dresses without tights underneath. I admit, I was a bit jealous of the girls who dared the weather in gorgeous sundresses and miniskirts, but I'll take tweed and mohair just fine. Not to mention these great suede Oxford heels I stumbled on at Buffalo Exchange. They're a bit pricey for Buffalo Exchange prices ($26), but still a steal and exactly what I've been searching for, though I wouldn't mind if they didn't have the side zipper. Something about a side zipper just seems tacky...

(obligatory cheesy telephone photo)

Leather Jacket: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Shorts: thrifted (Closet Exchange- Abington, PA)
Tights: Walgreens
Shoes: thrifted Anne Michelle (Buffalo Exchange- Philadelphia, PA)
Sunglasses: sidewalk vendor in the Italian Market

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