Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Philadelphia Fashion Week

Cripes, talk about being a bad blogger. I could rattle off the usual excuses (work at Bike & Build, increasingly time consuming classes, finishing our move, the Philadelphia Bike Expo fashion show growing ever closer...). Or I could just promise to be a good little blogger and start posting again. Believe it or not, I actually managed to snag some pictures this morning before I dashed off to work. I'll try to get those up sometime tonight/tomorrow.

And I should have even more new content, as I was somehow able to snag complimentary passes to Philadelphia Fashion Week for tonight and Thursday! Ok, I should say that my boyfriend was able to snag the passes because PFW shares the same venue as the Philadelphia Bike Expo and we're "doing research". But hey, a pass is a pass. I was so bummed to miss New York Fashion Week because of a cycling obligation, so this will actually be my first fashion week ever!

More soon...

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