Monday, June 7, 2010

Showcase: Drexel University Senior Show

So this weekend was the annual Drexel University Senior Fashion show, which my best friend Lee and good friend Emmy invited me to attend with them. As embarrassing as this is to say, it was my first legit fashion show I attended. I've been to a couple smaller shows, including some at other colleges, but they weren't close to being as high production as this. To start with, the event was hosted at the Urban Outfitters world headquarters. Though I knew their HQ was only five minutes from where I live, I'd never been. The building was incredibly breathtaking and seeing the racks of clothes and accessories at peoples' cubicles made me desperate to somehow work there one day. Fat chance, I'm sure.

The show itself was a great success. They squeezed about 55 designers, including three dozen full senior collections into two hours without seeming chaotic or rushed. Not everything was my taste, but there were no obvious clunkers and some of the senior designers really impressed me. I shot about 250 pictures that I'll spare you, but here are some of my favorites. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures and jot down whose collections were whose, so I can't give credit to these great pieces. I also apologize that our seats were awful (yes, fashion shows may notoriously run late, but you should still show up early to snag decent seats), so I wasn't able to get full body shots.

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