Monday, June 28, 2010

Children In Heat

Can the residents of Philadelphia all let out a collective "ick"? One.....Two.....Three........"ICK!" Seriously, this heatwave can suck a fat one. I've been cowering in the luxury of central air due to a massive heatwave that's sent temperatures soaring into the mid-nineties. The prospect of walking to find a suitable shooting location was daunting, so I caved for the first brick wall with character I could find. I swear, my camera melted, just a little bit.

Choosing clothes on a day like today is like choosing whether you want to die by suffocation, drowning, or being burned alive. Nothing really sounds appealing, but it all gets the job done. Point in case, until public nudity is legal (and I've got the courage to actually participate), there are pretty much no suitable clothing options for weather like this. You can dress in light colors, you can wear short shorts, and you can adorn the sheerest fabrics, but you WILL sweat and you WILL feel disgusting. So you may as well try to look good.

Rather than bemoan the heat and its inevitable impression on my outfit, let's talk about sheer knee highs. Like many of my readers, I relied heavily on tights to spruce up my winter wardrobe, transforming an otherwise dull outfit into something trendy and chic. Then summer came and bare legs just seem so...plain. Boring. Ordinary. Not to mention, it accentuates my inability to acquire a tan. There's no way I'm wearing full tights, but the idea of knee highs intrigued me. Fully opaque would be too kitschy (and dare I say it, juvenile), but semi-sheer fits just right. And at 50 cents a pair from my local Walgreens, this fits into my "only indulge if it's cheep" rule regarding passing trends. It's the little victories that count.

Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Abercrombie & Fitch pants, cut into shorts
Belt- vintage (Sweet Jane- Philadelphia, PA)
Knee Highs- Ravinia
Shoes- thrifted (Village Thrift- Pennsauken, NJ)
Sunglasses- Forever 21

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