Friday, July 9, 2010

Beat the Heat

A thunderstorm is currently rolling through Philadelphia, so in lieu of an outfit post (which I'll manage to get pictures of, one way or another), check out my tips for dealing with the weather this summer.

Beat the HeatFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
  1. Sunglasses- Sunscreen is certainly important, but don't neglect your eyes while slathering on the SPF. With so many fashionable choices (oversized and Raybans being my favorites), protecting your eyes can be practical and stylish.
  2. I can't survive without my daily cup of coffee (Maxwell house from the coffee maker if I'm rushed, La Colombe french press on weekends) and summertime means indulging in iced coffee as much as possible. Keep a couple trays of frozen coffee ice cubes in your freezer onhand to prevent your drink from getting diluted with water.
  3. I love the start of summer because it means I can count on hearing the ring of the ice cream truck at any given moment. Vanilla soft serve please!
  4. For the truly lazy (and broke), a spray mist fan is essential for hot days with no air conditioning.
  5. Slip N Slide. No, I don't have a yard, but I'm pretty sure I could make this happen if I really wanted.
  6. I don't know why roller skates are on here. But you tell me they don't scream "summer!". I generally avoid strenuous activity in the warm weather, but I'll make an exception for roller skating any day.
  7. If all else fails, take a vacation to Southern California. I hear they're having a wicked cold streak right now.
How do you guys stay cool in the heat?

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  1. I absolutely love La Colombe! My sister went to school in Philly, and she sent us beans all the time. I live in Los Angeles, and I'm surprised that it's cold here! I definitely feel for you (and it must be humid now).