Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Update

It's looking like it's going to be a busy one today, so I most likely will not have time for an outfit post. But here's a quick insight into my life as of late

  1. How cool is the Moncler Gamme Bleu s/s 2011 menswear line? I was tipped off by Momentum Magazine as to their bicycle-inspired headwear. I'm sure tons of bike snobs would get all snarky at the idea of high fashion intermingling with "bike culture", but I think it works rather well. Besides, both communities are pretty snooty as it is, so maybe it's an inevitable match made in heaven.

  2. Speaking of fashion shows, the fashion show I'm planning for the Philadelphia Bike Expo is starting to come together pretty nicely! Unfortunately, the major sponsor we were banking on decided to play a smaller sponsorship role in the Expo only (which makes no sense to me, as they're a major clothing retailer), but we managed to get a smaller sponsor, Nutcase Helmets, to shoulder some of the burden. I signed on about 25 designers, and the last few should be returning their contracts any day now. We secured a great venue for the show- the sanctuary of a local historic church. In lieu of building a stage, now we can have the models come on to the alter and use the center aisle between the pews as a runway. There's lots of seating and even a second floor that will allow for great pictures. Finally, we're hosting a pre-show "cog"-tail hour (heyo!) and will be serving wine from a local vineyard, compliments of Boyd's Cardinal Hollow Winery. Next up begins the search for models. I can't stress how great of an event this is going to be, and I hope all my readers in the Philadelphia/mid-Atlantic area can make it!
  3. Finally, on a sad note....our latest foster, Elsa, is sick. She started running a very high fever on Monday night and Tuesday morning we rushed her into the vet. It turns out she has panleukopenia, a very fatal and very contagious feline disease. The mortality rate in kittens is astoundingly high, even if you catch it early (which we did). I called the vet yesterday and Elsa seems to be doing better, but she's not out of the woods yet. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers and send some well wishes her way.

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