Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jersey's Best Prancers

Today's outfit features another dress compliment of my mother's closet. I wasn't kidding when I say I hit the jackpot in this latest dress haul. I've only actually seen about five minutes from the pilot episode of Mad Men, but I'm fairly certain this dress would fit right in on set.

My curves used to complex me. Up until puberty (I know, ew. I'll try to avoid using the "p" word), I was straight up and down like a board. Suddenly, all these weird concave and convex surfaces appeared. I definitely gave some thought to the idea that I was switched at birth or even (gasp) adopted, given that I bore absolutely no resemblance to my mom. I didn't understand where this hourglass figure came from, and I definitely didn't know how to dress my newly foreign body.

For years, I attempted to camouflage my figure rather than accentuate it. I didn't realize that what works for one girl looks heinous on another, due to no fault of her own other than different genetics. Enter: vintage dresses. They just don't make 'em like they used to. Nothing flatters a small waist and hugs hips like a pattern from the 1940s. I especially love the neck detail and interesting darts. This dress is a bit flashy for everyday wear, but when paired with a cardigan to hide my tattoos, it was the perfect choice for an interview earlier today. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys!

Dress: vintage, gift
Shoes: Predictions via Payless
Sunglasses: flea market (The Piazza- Philadelphia, PA)


  1. You look great in that dress. It fits you very well. I wish I could share clothes in my moms closet!

  2. You have a great bod. The dress looks lovely on you. It sure would fit in on an episode of mad men. Lucky you to have snagged that from your mother's closet!


  3. Love your dress. I would like to see better pictures of your tattoos. I myself am getting my tattoo in february. I have to save up :/ blehh


  4. This dress is beautiful, I totally know what you mean about not embracing curves immediately after the 'p' word strikes!! =) Keep us posted on the status of the interview.

  5. ADORE that dress on you!

  6. Holy shit Molly this dress is amazing and you look outrageously beautiful in it!