Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Frenchy, I'm Faking

According to Google Analytics, French readers account for 16% of my site visits. Lest I alienate my 5th most popular country, happy Bastille Day to those reading from France! On Friday, I actually did celebrate Bastille Day, as I have for the past four or five years. Despite our decidedly eastern European ancestry and the fact that my parents have never thrown a 4th of July barbecue, nor indulged in parades, sparklers, or even an American Flag shirt, their French independence celebration has become something of a family tradition. Each year their neighbors and closest friends arrive for a casual potluck full of French food, French music, and-most importantly-French wine. Lots of it. I must have counted at least fifteen bottles.

I know, I know. Bastille Day is today. And what could be more French than watching the Tour de France climb through the Col de la Madeleine into Gap. Watching le Tour is my own annual tradition; waking up earlier than my body is willing to accept to catch as much live as Versus will air and listening to Phil Ligget's soothing voice narrate the day's goings on. My boy Andy Schleck rode into the maillot jaune yesterday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Saxo Bank can help him hold onto the win in Paris.

My dress today is a gift from my mom. Recently she bestowed upon me an incredible collection of her old vintage dresses (although, I suppose they weren't vintage at the time...). I honestly never thought I would be interested in her clothing, but I also used to dress exclusively in band shirts, skintight jeans, bullet belts, and creepers. Now that my style is maturing, I consider myself super lucky that she held onto these treasures, despite endlessly insisting that she should just donate them to Good Will. Some minor alterations by my friend Emmy M were required to modernize the dress a bit, but the unique details still shine through, like the great neckline and intricate flower embroidery. I had hoped to be able to turn this into a romper, but the skirt was just too tight. This is just one of four great dresses I received and I can't wait to feature the others. Even better, there's apparently a vintage Pierre Cardin suit from one of her trips to Paris, waiting for whenever I'm old enough to pull it off.  

Dress: vintage, gift
Shoes: thrifted (Village Thrift- Pennsauken, NJ)
Sunglasses: flea market
Umbrella: Sonn Collection 

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