Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Designer Highlight: Kork-Ease

We are living in an age of increasingly eco-friendly tendencies and "green chic" trends. It's refreshing to see that some companies that have been employing such practices for decades. Such is the case with Kork-Ease, producing stylish, naturally produced footwear out of Brooklyn since 1953. After essentially creating the wedge (or so they claim) in the 70s, these iconic shoes earned their place among only 25 styles in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Landmark Shoe Collection. Today, Kork-Ease still cranks out great looks with a minimal carbon footprint, environmentally safe design, biodegradable construction, and wide selection of "vegetable" leather designs for those who prefer cruelty-free footwear. Even better, they do so at a modest price, running about $150-200 per pair.

While not available yet, Kork-Ease is also planning to introduce a men's line. 

Liliana ($155.00)
Gabriela ($145.00)

Alva ($225.00)

Nelly ($135.00)

Francis- ($150.00)

Rita ($145.00)

Who knew green fashion could look so good?


  1. I'll take the first, Liliana, please. Great find!

  2. oh how pretty! i would like liliana, k thanks!



  3. Those first ones are extra cute! I love Kork-ease...I also have a pair of old Natural Comforts that have the same '70s style/mega-comfort thing going.

  4. I am always excited to see new eco-friendly lines, these shoes are fab!