Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome to the Working Week

Oh my god, I can't believe it's been over a week since I wrote a proper blog entry. The past couple weeks have been crazy ones, but everything should be settling back down. Or, at the very least, I should be able to get myself somewhere with an Internet connection on a regular basis. I start courses at the University of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, so at the very least, I can blog before/after class.

If you thought this outfit doesn't seem like a typical choice for me, you're right. I had a spur of the moment interview (that turned out to be garbage, but that's a whole other story) and put this look together that morning in a mad rush. I bought this Express jacket from a closet exchange a few weeks ago and immediately started salivating over the possibilities. As it turns out, it's a bit harder than I thought to rock a tuxedo jacket without looking like a real estate agent. However, I think the blazer as appropriate for the interview, where I was told to dress "business casual". I hate that term and it always makes me think of Seinfeld:

Hey, she wants me to dress uh "smart casual." What uh, what is that?

I don't know, but you don't have it.

As I was uploading the photos, I realized this is an all thrifted/vintage outfit, minus the sunglasses. I usually stay away from all thrift looks because I usually only end up buying eclectic, funky clothes/shoes/accessories from thrift shops. I tend to cheap places like H&M or Forever 21 for basic staples that I know will either be out of style soon or won't last very long due to shotty craftsmanship. But I think this outfit works, and it cost me under $25!

Dress: thrifted (Goodwill- Morgan Hill, CA)
Blazer: vintage Express Design Studio (Closet Exchange- Abington, PA)
Shoes: vintage Report (Retrospect- Philadelphia, PA)
Sunglasses: Urban Outfiters