Thursday, April 8, 2010

Marigold & Patchwork

I'm holding off on posting any pictures of my outfit yet (which sadly, at 1:15pm still consist of pajamas) because I've got a special photoshoot planned with the lovely Hallie of Halcoholic later this afternoon. Lest I bore you twice, and probably because her camera will produce nicer pictures, I've got something else planned in mind.

I'm fresh off the heels of a riveting night at the laundromat. OK, OK, the only thing exciting about spending an hour at the combination laundromat/child's dentist (I kid you not) was the consumption of Sly Fox beers in the process. As it turns out, you can drink a beer practically anywhere, so long as you've got a beer coozy. So maybe doing the wash wasn't exciting, but seeing a closet full of clean clothes ready to be transformed into new outfits is. Then it struck me: my wardrobe has clearly exceeded the limits of my closet. I'm probably reeking of bad storage fengshui right now, but I managed to make it all fit (for now). And with that, I invite my readers to take a peek into my closet.

Let's start with my dresser:

Top drawer: Tights, socks, underwear, bras

 Middle drawer: PJs, bathing suits, work out clothes, shorts

Bottom drawer: Pants, jeans, and riding jodphurs.

I own way too much denim.


 Sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, and hair bands

Scarves. Clearly, I've got a problem.

Next stop, the closet. This poor, poor closet. It's gotten so crowded, I couldn't even slide the clothes all the way down to get proper shots. I have no idea what I'm going to do, as getting rid of anything is obviously  not an option.





 Long sleeved shirts, sweaters, etc.

All my cycling gear- jerseys, shorts, bibs, mountain baggies, etc.
This brings us to the shoes. Oh god, the shoes. I've been told I have a problem. I've also been told by friends that they're jealous of my collection.

Top to bottom, left to right:
1- black ballet flats (H&M), black ballet flats (thrifted)
2- yellow zebra slip-ons (H&M), gray suede slip-ons (Vans), black canvas slip-ons (Vans), blue canvas slip-ons (Vans)
3- brown ballet flats (H&M), white tennis shoes (H&M), striped canvas tennis shoes (Urban Oufitters), *missing in picture* black felt tennis shoes (Urban Outfitters)
4- zebra skimmers (Delia's), brown Chucks (Converse), brown gladiator sandals (Classified), black slip-ons (H&M)
5- white kitten heels (Splash), red patent leather kitten heels (Splash), black velcro sneakers (Payless), brown leather flip-flops (no idea on brand, they were a gift)
6- yellow and black sneakers (Roos), black Sambas (Adidas)
7- mountain cycling shoes (Specialized), road cycling shoes (Specialized)

Top to bottom, left to right
1- black motorcycle boots (brand unknown), brown slouch ankle boots (Blowfish), black riding boots (Ariat), black studded ankle boots (Go Jane), brown kneehigh slouch suede boots (brand unknown)
2- black oxford heels (Predictions), black and white gingham heels (Xhilaration), tan leather heels (thrifted), black suede wedge booties (Spring), black heels (Kenneth Cole), brown snakeskin heels (thrifted)

In addition to the bedroom, we also have various storage around the apartment. We use the hooks by the front door to keep every day items such as bags, u-locks, and sweatshirts. And we use the closet in our living room for heavier coats.

So that's my apartment. How do you guys organize your clothes? Are you as hopelessly cluttered as I am?

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