Monday, April 5, 2010

Teenage Heart

This warm streak of weather we've been having lately has absolutely lifted my spirits. Can you tell?

 Eek, I think you can see my stomach tattoos in this one. Sorry dad!

Today's outfit was inspired by watching Cass last night. In addition to the heart-wrenching story and killer soundtrack, the wardrobe was spot on and made me nostalgic for my punk/skinhead* teenage years. It may be too warm for a bomber jacket in April and my Doc Martins are long gone after years of (ab)use, but skinny jeans, a polo, and boots will never stop looking slick.

This is my play on the basics of a skinbyrd look, but with an "adult" spin on it. Instead of a Fred Perry or Merc polo, I opted for a swallow print polo from Italian designer Energie. Standard  Levi shrink-to-fit jeans were replaced with skinny side zippered jeans. And the traditional 14 hole Doc Martin or Oxblood steel toed boots made way for classic riding boots instead. While I don't have the guts to shave my head to a traditional Chelsea cut, I've had bangs and Chelsea-esque fringe for almost ten years now.

*To any readers not in the know: skinheads are not synonymous with racism. Though the movement has attracted a small white supremacy following, it originated in the 1960s as a working-class faction with no racists overtones. You can read up more on Wikipedia.

Polo: Energie
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Ariat
Belt + Buckle: Thrifted (Sweet Jane Vintage- Philadelphia, PA)
Sunglasses: Thrifted (Buffalo Exchange- Philadelphia, PA)


  1. Smart! I've always loved the classic skinbyrd look and I really like how you referenced it here without getting all literal.

  2. This looks dangerous. you should not be standing on a roof with no ledge. Your loving cousin, Alexandra

  3. love this look on you girl, especially with those boots. they kinda beat the steel toe paired with the polo, it takes the look in a whole different direction. see you thursday i hope. we'll find good scenery and take photos. xo

  4. very pretty! (and i love those shoes!)