Tuesday, April 13, 2010

REVOLVE: Fresh Looks, Fresh Faces

Today Philadelphia is covered in a haze of grey clouds and non-stop drizzling rain. Despite the urge to crawl into sweatpants and never return, I decided to fight the gloom by donning one of my favorite summer dresses and willing the weather into changing. No luck so far, but I remain optimistic. This dress always reminds me of warm weather, as I bought it while on a work trip in Santa Barbara this fall. Anthropologie is generally a store I consider out of my budget, but every once in a while, the sales rack turns out a gem. This abstract printed number was originally $150 (in otherwords, way too much for me to buy, especially in the midst of a business trip), marked down to $40! if you can't tell by now, I love a great deal. More than that, I love the high quality of nicer garments, such as the corset-style boning and intricately sewn bow. It even has pockets guys!

Dress: Anthropologie
Shoes: Moschino (thrifted via Village Thrift- Pennsauken, NJ)
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Another favorite rainy day activity is mocking up fantasy outfits. When I read that Chictopia was running a contest with Revolve Clothing to dream up a perfect warm weather outfit, how could I resist? The idea is to create a look based around your must-have item for this summer and I immediately thought of rompers. Though they've been trendy for a couple years now, I've finally decided to take the plunge. To keeping from looking like an overgrown toddler, pair light and colorful patterns with darker, edgy components. Here is how I styled the American Vintage jersey romper:

(click image to enlarge)

  1. American Vintage Jersey Romper in Granite- $99.00
  2. Matiko Blair Sandal in Bone- $114.00
  3. See By Chloe Daytripper Shoulder Bag in Tan- $695.00
  4. Joyrich Rosette Scarf in White- $26.00
  5. Vogue Sunglasses in Brown- $40.00
  6. Vestal Rosewood Acetate in White-Purple- $110.00
  7. House of Harlow Large Peackock Cockail Ring in Gold- $47.50
  8. Triskaidekaphobia Floral Ring Hidden Owl Wing in Antique Silver Plated Brass- $90.00
What are your must have items this spring/summer? 


  1. very cute!

    my must haves:

    1. structured short sleeved blazer
    2. peep toe booties
    3. pegleg highwaisted pants
    4. brightly colored skirts
    5. tom ford sunglasses
    6. popsicles
    7. sunshine
    8. outdoor music festivals
    9. frank (my dog)
    10. bloglove.

    that is all!



  2. looking cute girl! i like the camel moschino heels. i have this moschino kimono dress i really like. you should check out yoox.com if you haven't already, they always have really cool shit on clearance. i got a rick owens dress there for like $150, among other great stuff. the trick is to add things to your "dream list" and wait for them to go even more on sale towards the end of a season.

    bobby told me you guys were driving by this morning when he was walking peaches. we should get together this week. i have to finish up this max's kansas city thing so i'll let you know when i'm free and we can schedule a definite time.

    my must-haves for this summer are platform wedge sandals, gauze print dresses, messy braided hair, big shades, and obviously water ice! xo