Monday, April 26, 2010

She Was Only In It For The Rain

I feel as though I spend an inordinate amount of time on this blog commenting on the weather. Yes, the temperature and various things falling from the sky (or lack thereof) influences what I happen to drape myself in that day. But I feel as though I come across as that person who comments "beautiful weather we're having, huh?" during a lull in the conversation and actually means to engage you in a dialogue about said weather. No, no, I shall not be that person. I will leave it at this: It is gray and raining today, but despite this, I still dragged myself on to the roof because I've shot inside the past three shoots. What I really mean by all this is "hey give me a gold star, look how brave and selfless I am!". I think I'm going to reward myself with an Oreo.

Today's outfit is a typical of example of how certain pieces, no matter how dearly I love them or how plain and classic, are not easy to style. Take for instance this denim pencil skirt. Simple no? Everyone knows how to pair a pencil skirt. It goes with anything! Yeah, well tell that to my hip to waist ratio. Nothing was sitting right, no matter how many tops I tried on. I think I counted at least four tops and five belt combinations before I found something that worked. And in the end, I still end up looking like an extra from West Side Story. Well, whatever, I like it.

I'm fairly certain I'm going through an obsession with scarves right now. Scarves as bandannas! Scarves as belts! Scarves as head-wear! On a day like today, I'm particularly fond of the latter for its two-fold approach. 1) It lets me keep it in the same messy bun that I put it in earlier this morning to brush my teeth 2) It hides the havoc that all this rain and humidity is bound to reek on my hair. Way to go scarf!

Tank Top: Forever 21
Skirt: American Apparel
Belt: Old Navy
Scarf: Thrifted (Village Thrift- Pennsauken, NJ)
Shoes: Vintage (Buffalo Exchange- Philadelphia, PA)
Sunglasses: Forever 21


  1. Thought you would like to know I just did the post featuring your outfit!

  2. The headband is a unique touch and makes the rest of the outfit look much more interesting

  3. love that shirt on you! pretty!