Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Colonics, body wraps, and tigers- oh my!

At the discretion of completely grossing everyone out a mere 5 posts in, I'll spare the gnarly details of the colonic I bought my boyfriend for his birthday. Instead, I'll divulge in my own herbal body wrap. Before beginning, I stripped to a bra and underwear, and not-so-eagerly awaited my spa attendant, Naomi, to take body measurements. Though I work out and try to watch what I eat, I know that my curvy body type will never scream "twig-like skinny". I've heard all the sayings that men like curves and an hourglass figure is sexy and all that...but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to have a super skinny, boy-like body. So it was quite a welcome surprise to have Naomi tell me that I was the skinniest patient she had ever given a body wrap to. She quickly jotted down all my thigh, hip, waist, chest, and arm measurements and then began wrapping.

I've never felt more like the insides of a teabag before. The long, narrow rags being wrapped around me were first dipped in a bucket filled with all sorts of herbs that I can't begin to spell. After I was wrapped neck to ankle in peppermint-smelling wraps, Naomi wrapped me again in saran wrap, then set me to lay under an electric blanket and chill out to weird holistic-synth music.

Thirty minutes later (it was supposed to be an hour, but there was some confusion when Ray finished his colonic before me), the saran wrap was cut off, the rags were unwrapped, and Naomi came back to get a final set of measurements. She was doubtful I'd lose too many inches because I was fairly muscular to begin with, but I ended up shedding 5.8". I can't see too much of a difference, but the proof is in the measurements I suppose.

Anyway, in celebration of thighs 0.7" smaller than they were this morning, I decided to don one of my favorite sweaters that ambiguously poses as a dress at times.


Despite the fact that it's 40 degrees and raining in Philadelphia today, the combination of a thick mohair sweater and wool tights keeps me nice and toasty. Not to mention, the juxtaposition of the two contrasting fabrics visually intrigues me.

I've got a boner for these wedge boots I picked up a few weeks ago. Nevermind the fact that I can hardly walk in them...I'm in love.
Sweater: H&M
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Spring

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