Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nobody's Darlings

Here's the back-story behind this skirt: I bought it while living in California and decided to embrace the West Coast hippy-chic thing that was going around during Summer 2008, I wore it once, and it's sat in my closet ever since. Yet I can't throw it out. I feel like it's got so much potential. Just....maybe not on me. I'll let you in on a secret- my license says I'm 5'3, but I'm definitely 5'2 (if not shorter). This skirt makes me look as if I'm 3'6. Still, waste not, want not. I was determined to make this stupid thing work. I tried to play around with proportion and pattern and texture and all that. I'm not entirely sure I got it right. What do you guys think?

V-Neck: Thrifted
Bandeau: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Classified
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Ray snuck a couple cute pictures of himself in between shots. He totally stole my Topsport hat (again), but how can you be mad at that face?

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