Sunday, March 14, 2010

Organized Confusion

Ever since Ray and I found out last night that we're heading to SXSW, it's been an absolute mad house to get everything ready. We're heading out with his best buddy Dom and have a LOT to do in the next 48 hours. No joke, I even made a list:
  1. Get addresses and phone numbers for places to stay in Austin and Tennessee (our midway sleeping point)
  2. Pack clothes
  3. Clean out car
  4. Clean cooler
  5. Go food shopping (PB&J allllllll week)
  6. Get gas money from the Notekillers
  7. Make schedule of shows and seminars
  8. Get tents and sleeping bags from my parents' house (just in case we don't have anywhere to sleep)
  9. Make La Fille Atomique flyers! (That's right, I'm doing a little cross promotion)
  10. Get cracked sideview mirror replaced so we don't get pulled over ever 100 miles
  11. Renew vehicle registration
  12. Print out temporary vehicle registration
  13. Try to get Ray's suspended license reinstated
  14. Borrow trunk racks so we can bring our bikes
Oof. Sounds like a lot, but I get a sick pleasure out of making lists and crossing them off. And the majority, like fixing up my car and getting Ray a license, is something that should have been done ages ago anyway. My real dilemma is packing. I've got a tiny 2004 Volkswagen Jetta, 3 people I'm trying to cram in, 3 additional bikes, and a 40 gallon cooler. And then, we've got everyone's luggage. Needless to say, I need to pack smart and I need to pack light.

I've got the essentials figured out- 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, 2 dresses, 5 shirts, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of heels, 1 bathing suit, pajamas. The only thing I'm not skimping on is socks and underwear (which I'll probably bring an additional amount of, just to be safe). The question is what dresses do I bring? What shirts? Please don't make me pick only one pair of boots!

If nothing else, this trip will be a great test of how much a girl can endure.

P.S. I also apologize that during the next week, posts will be sporadic at best. I'll be taking as many pictures as possible, but we'll have limited internet access so I may have to upload everything once I get home. 

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