Sunday, March 14, 2010

Puppet on a String

In lieu of outfit posts from this weekend (believe me- you're not missing anything, as it's been pouring cats and dogs since Friday), I've got a couple extra pictures from Friday evening. As I mentioned before, Ray and I were going to a belated birthday dinner and then to an avant garde rendition of Julius Caesar as performed by 5 local performing arts companies; 1classical, 2 puppet, 1 interpretive dance, and 1...I don't even know what. You've all seen my [fabulous] dress, but I didn't get any pictures of Ray until we were ready to leave. You know how boys are, not getting ready until the last possible minute. Lucky for him, he looks so darn cute in a tie that it was worth the wait.

"I'm Ray. Based off my expression, you'd think I was grumpy and upset, but this is my 'model' face. I think I look damn handsome."

As I said, it was raining and we were somewhat dressed up, so we knixed the bikes and opted for the subway.
Subway to HELL!

Let me tell you. After walking down a flooded, pothole ridden alleyway in a considerable amount of rain, this is about the most welcoming sight in the world.

So that's all for now. We've got a full morning of running around, securing last minute details, and are hoping to  hit the road sometime around 8:00 tomorrow evening. Hopefully I'll be back sometime later this week!


  1. thanks for sharing! those pictures are great and you look gorgeous, so is Ray!!


    One Love,

  3. hahahhaha that 666 subway to hell is hillarious XD
    love your style! I like the way you matched the dress with leather jacket :D