Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SXSW Clothes Hustle

This is probably an incredibly ignorant understatement, but who knew Austin was such a clothing mecca? Between the oodles of vintage boutiques and SXSW-related American Apparel factory flea market, I left Texas with three times the clothing I entered with.

If you ever want to see sheer hipster mayhem, check out an AA flea market. No seriously. When you mark shirts down to $6, socks to $1, dresses to $10, and offer a free t-shirt to badge holders, you may have to throw a few elbows, but you'll come away with a monster score. Here's what I got for $30:

Denim pencil skirt

 Mesh tank top

 Polo dress with cool bleach burns

 Mesh body suit
Leaf print scarf as seen earlier today. Who knew AA made such sweet scarfs?

Thigh high socks. I forgot to get a picture of my pair, but you get the idea. I mean, they're socks.


Unfortunately, a lot of the vintage stores were either overpriced or had been picked clean already. I simply was not prepared for the Austin Buffalo Exchange. The Philadelphia store is pretty small and lately has been kind of steeply priced. They also have been adding more new merchandise from smaller designers. [Don't get me wrong, it's cool to find a shop selling Blood Is the New Black shirts, but do they really belong in a thrift store? There's a zillion boutiques in Philadelphia for that.] The Austin location, however, was HUUUUUGE and most items were priced under $10. I literally bought as much as I could carry.

Forever 21 skirt

OK, OK, OK. I know. It's a poncho. I bought a poncho. But I swear to god, I THINK I can pull it off. And if not, it's basically a glorified Snuggie. Who doesn't love a Snuggie?

Bebe leather skirt

Flower print lace blouse

 Gap leather skirt

Flower print button-up dress

Score of the friggin century! I can't wait to rock this random 60s dress all spring.
Gap leather skirt from today's post.

Officially stoked for spring and its requisite warm weather!


  1. Looks like you were busy! I can't tell you how jealous I am of the lace bodysuit from American Apparel. How much did you score that for? Wait... don't tell me! I don't even want to know. Ok, fine tell me.

  2. I know, I love it! The only bummer is there's a small hole in it (everything was "as is" from the factory), but it's not really all that noticeable. Also, it was $12, so who really cares right?