Thursday, March 11, 2010

Designer Highlight: 80%20 Shoes

A few weeks ago, I finally did a tally on my shoe collection. I was at 32 pairs, with an additional 2 pairs of slippers and 2 pairs of cycling shoes (one road, one mountain). Since then, I purchased a pair of brown leather ballerina flats when I realized at H&M-rather conveniently-that I couldn't continue to walk in my Spring wedge booties without acquiring a massive gash on my toe. Long story short, I have a ton of shoes. Most of which I hardly ever wear. Certainly too many to be coveting a whole lookbook. And yet, 80%20's spring collection has resulted in a big puddle of drool on my laptop keyboard.

 Marlee in Charcoal/Off-White

Molly (aptly named!) in Black

Molly Classic in Olive

Joannie in Grey (with a hidden wedge)

Sadie Classic in Grey

And just because they look fun:

Marlee Tea Party in Pink Floral

I know, RIGHT?!


  1. Ummm, super loving the Joannie and the Sadie styles.

  2. I love these shoes! I hope it's ok, but I just needed to post these on my blog. I gave you credit, of course. Link to your site and all.

  3. No problem Kayla! What's your blog? Email me at and I'll throw up a link to your site.