Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Oh heeeyyyyyyyyy!

With my Google Reader fashion blog count steadily creeping towards triple digits (66 and counting!), and an impossible amount of time on my hands, I finally got the motivation-and courage- to start a fashion blog. I've been passionate about clothes since as long as I can remember. My fashion history reads something like this:

Baby Molly, trying to get a hand on my grandmother's amazing blouse. And check out my mom's rad dress in the background. I wonder if she still has it..

17 years old, in the midst of a punk phase that never really got out of my system.

 There were a couple rotten years in high school with a mohawk and affinity towards garters and studs.

 My standard "uniform" for years on end: hand-sewn band shirt, skintight jeans, and creepers.

 18. Punk Rock bowling. I always secretly wanted to keep the shoes.

19. On tour.

20. Starting to tone down my look a bit as I realized that office jobs weren't so keen on fluorescent eye shadow and obscene shirts.

21 years old. On a cross country road trip, from California to Philadelphia.

2009 Philadelphia bike messenger winter formal. Wearing a killer handmade gingham vintage dress.

Second from the left. My cousin's wedding in a Forever 21 LBD. 

Despite all those cringe-inducing photos, going through them was slightly therapeutic. I can see how my style evolved from dirty punk kid to....well, here's what I look like these days at 22:


And here's one from this morning:

No outfit update this round, but I should have some legit content up soon! 


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